• Congratulations
    Ben Emms
    Winner of World Individual Championship
  • Competition Day 1 Winners
    Australia's Hill 60
    Captained by Rick Ashton and Coached by
    John Ashton and Phil Bradshaw doing the Plotting
  • Congratulations
    Matt Pozzebon
    Winner American Fullbore Championship
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    Australia Match - South Africa


Welcome to the National Rifle Association of Australia Teams web page. Here you will be able to keep up to date with all NRAA and Australian teams during their competitions. Our next competition is the Australia Match - South Africa starting on Wed 22nd Mar 2017

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Palma Update

So after a long day it's been one of mixed fortunes for Australia. The first two thirds of the day were solid with us heading to lunch only five points behind Great Britain. At 1000 yards with the wind becoming increasingly difficult we leaked points at a rate that should honestly have been avoided.
So now after two and a half years work we're down to the last day in fourth position with everything to play for and nothing to lose. It's all or nothing, regroup and we'll see how things finish tomorrow night.
Not that I wish to pull individuals out of a team but well done to George Edser who topped our day with only one off and also to Jim Bailey with the only 75.15 I saw for the day.
Tough day at the office for the coaching staff but I have full faith tomorrow they will be straight and true. As I said all to play for nothing to lose. As our Captain reminded us yesterday run the race all the way to the finish.
Full report tomorrow night.

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